Pillage of Serb and Other Inventors

(Текст ”Пљачка Срба и других изумитеља” академика САИН-а Бранка Р. Бабића доносимо у оригиналу, на енглеском језику) 

Пише академик Бранко Р. Бабић


Pillage of Serb and Other Inventors  

Nikola Tesla considered Invention and Innovation to be crucial to human prosperity


Innovation remains one of the most important activities in society. Were it not for creative individuals humanity would still be living in caves and indeed man would only survive in warm climates where the need for clothing fire and tools were not essential. The innovative characteristic of the human mind is what has allowed man to spread across the world and live in all climates even in the snow covered polar regions. It is man’s unique gift of creative thinking that allowed man to dominate the species and develop into the sophisticated technologically advanced human kind we see today.

Everywhere man’s ability to innovate is manifest in the computers we make use off, machines we control to work for us, rockets we build to go to other planets, medicines we prescribe to live a disease free life, centrally heated homes we build and live in, the music we make, the art we create and the myriad of other things man does that distinguish him from other animals, everything has developed because of his ability to invent. No other living entity demonstrates the extensive gift of creative thinking that is seen in man and although animals exhibit some creative ability they are for most part at the mercy of the environment they live in.

The creative ability separates the human kind from the rest of the animal kingdom and the question remains as to how does creative thinking happen. Thankfully because of the extremely well evolved creative developments man has begun to study the detailed processes that go on in his environment. In this quest for understanding of the way things are man has began to explore the microscopic and biochemical processes that go on in biological systems and in recent decades the workings of the mind. It is apparent in these studies of the human intellect that everything we do is recorded and stored in our brains. Man has the ability to remember things in great detail. It is this stored memory that is the key to the ability of any species to innovate and create new ways of doing things.

Creativity, innovation and invention is said to be the process of developing different ways of doing things and when man invented cars to transport him from one place to another instead of the horse and carriage he is said to have invented a new means of transportation. Further developments occurred when he invented aircraft that could fly through the air, boats that could cross oceans, alternating current electricity that provided light to humanity, computers that do the processing work of entire armies of workers, television that allows us to see each other across the globe etc all are said to be new inventions. There are any number of examples which could be used to demonstrate creative developments.

So how do creative developments come about? I believe that the creation of a new concept comes about by linking and adapting stored memories into novel forms. What happens here is that of all stored memories contained in the human cortex man has the ability to visit information stored there and by linking various memories which relate to a new need, the creative individual is able to link disparate non related dynamics, into a new functional composite. This new compilation works in a different way from known and available methods. In all my research I have never come across an invention which cannot be related to already known facts.

The creative individual has the ability to criss-cross different parts of his brain and examine the  memories stored there. He is then able to extract selectively bits of information required to make a new development. The best inventors have the best developed neuronal circuitry that allows them to retrieve information from various memory stores and compile bits of information into new functional forms. Man makes new things by linking and assembling known facts into forms that are composed from already known and stored bits of information but which function in a way that fulfills a new application, that is different from previously available methodology. Invention is a process that occurs in a single mind at any single point of time and there is no such thing as communal invention. All inventions are the product of a single mind processing information and formulating a new composite. Even when group effort is employed, the so called “brain storming sessions” it is always one mind that provides the solution to the problem being considered and when presented to the group, there is immediate consensus at the proposed resolution. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The process of searching the memory stores in the cortex can be extremely taxing and at times, consume decades of effort and this is understandable because the creative are working on the very boundary of knowledge and spend a great deal of time rummaging about in the dark recesses of stored information. Why some inventions take many decades to resolve is probably due to the mechanics of the inventive process. For example, the linking of memory stores requires hard wiring of neuronal pathways to be properly linked so that selective bits of stored memories can be extracted and assembled into a novel form.  The completion of new inventions is at times impossible because there is not enough fact stored in the cortex for the assemblage to be completed but when additional facts emerge, a new concept can be slotted into place. This fact again points to the theory that new inventions can only be generated by compilation and restructuring of already known facts. The moment when the bits of information are linked into a new invention is said by many inventors to be like a lightening bolt that makes some inventors jump with joy. All serious inventors experience this exhilaration when solutions emerge after a prolonged struggle to create new conceptions. A wonderful feeling. Tesla recalls such moments, “I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success . . . Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” 

This creative ability is to some extent present in all human beings but some individuals are so well equipped that they produce many inventions in their lifetimes. A good creative development can be very financially rewarding. Some creative developments are so important and useful that they change the way we live and there are many examples of such important developments. For example, Nikola Tesla was uniquely gifted and he invented many useful inventions. To name just one of his inventions that changed the way humanity lives is to talk of Alternating Current (AC) electrical supply.

The development of AC was so important that a hundred years after it was invented the entire world depends on this invention for most of its daily activities and the financial implication of such a development was so huge that Tesla became the target of nefarious, secret cabals. Setups of powerful but extremely corrupt, dangerous psychopathic individuals. As this criminal vigilante cartel realized that Tesla’s inventions would change the world we live in they ever more carefully controlled his money and tricked him by emotional blackmail into supporting the financial commitments of a struggling business colleague who was said to be going bankrupt. Tesla paid off the debts in question but as the business progressed in its previous successful state the large amount of money Tesla “loaned” was never repaid and Tesla became extremely poor.

The cabal was by this time controlling all of Tesla's affairs and made sure that Tesla remained poor so that he could not develop his inventions beyond proof of concept. Little of his work could be commercialised. They stole most of his new developments and kept such tight control of Tesla’s affairs that he was to all intents and purposes imprisoned by them. This group of psychopaths was composed of powerful well connected individuals who had control over their contacts in government, banking, commerce etc and ware in a position to use, abuse, and tortured Tesla with impunity. Frightening power base. No one was able to put a stop to it and not only because they had at their disposal access to murky sections of the secret service and other enforcement facilities of the USA government. This criminal league, off which Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin was probably a member (given the abuse he exact on Tesla’s research. He not only plagiarised Tesla's concepts but replaced Tesla’s name with his own, on completed research documents.), impoverished and imprisoned Tesla and made him watch as they became celebrated personalities and billionaires with his inventions. Tesla remained isolated abused and destitute! A hideous case of torture and abuse of an outstandingly creative, gentle, human being. Gruesome! My hair stands on end when reseaerching the case history.

When Tesla in this state of torture and abuse, penniless and near to a nervous breakdown continued to create outstanding inventions and as these people realized that they could not control his creativity, they arranged to murder him by blowing up his laboratory, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgL8jLbPLgM   But God, took a hand in this and Tesla unusually, went out for an early dinner that evening and was unharmed. The laboratory was completely burned down and reduced to ruins.

Tesla regarded these people as bunch of low grade halfwits and even stated that Einstein “is a charlatan”, a “publicity seeking fraud” who wrapped his arguments in elegant and what seemed to the mathematically illiterate, dazzling mathematical treatise which mesmerise those who attended his lectures. Having presented his arguments in mathematical exercises, he challenged those present to prove him wrong. There being no stored memory traces in the cortex pertaining to the theories Einstein was putting forward, no one had any points of reference to relate to and no valid arguments were ever put forward. Tesla on the other hand, understood field theory better than anyone in the world at the time and indeed even a hundred years later he can still be considered to understand electromagnetic energy terms better than anyone else, considered Einstein’s work a scam. He had extensive understanding of the nature of the energy that permeates everything so found Einstein’s mathematical masquerades of stelar phenomena, offensive. There being no foundation to Einstein’s theoretical arguments, Tesla called him a “racketeer” and presumably that is why Einstein could not tolerate being in Tesla's company and had him rubbed out from photographs, where Tesla Einstein and others were gathered. 

Tesla, Einstein and Steinmetz

Tesla, Einstein and Steinmetz, photographed together but Tesla’s rejection of Einstein’s fraudulent posturing resulted in Einstein having Tesla rubbed out of photos. The altered photo only shows Einstein and Steinmetz. Charles Steinmetz was a brilliant mathematician who formalised Tesla’s work on AC and refined AC circuit mathematics and notation

A huge puzzlement emerges here. The well connected frauds were promoted and supported by the establishment but genuine talent was derided and murdered to stop it developing world changing research?! Much of Einstein’s scientific recognition was due to the way he was promoted by the information services and remains so to this day. Presumably this is so because of the continued socio political advantages afforded to the owners of the information media. This abuse of good science has set humanity back a century and Einstein’s works are only now beginning to be reviewed for intellectual content. Tesla was in the process of debunking Einstein when he was murdered.

Unable to stop Tesla producing world changing new developments this vigilante homicidal gang sent high ranking Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assassins to rob and murder Tesla. The location of Tesla papers were considered so important that the cabal dispatched General Reinhard Gehlen and Otto Skorzeny to rob and then murder the frail genius. It was not enough that they became billionaires with works Tesla produced, they had to annihilate him? “Evil”! A dangerous state of criminal psychiatry was at play here!see: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/03/01/nikola-tesla-deathbed-confessions-photos-support-claims-george-h-scherff-jr-was-41s and the murderers photographs:

General Reinhard Gehlen

General Reinhard Gehlen (Hank Janowicz Wayne) oversaw the murder of Nikola Tesla 

Otto Skorzeny his wife and George Herbert Walker Bush

Otto Skorzeny his wife and George Herbert Walker Bush the 41st President of the USA and family. On his deathbed, Skorzeny admitted to murdering the frail Tesla by garrotting him

Close to death Otto Skorzeny named Tesla’s long term assistant who was employed by the cabal to spy and steal Tesla’s concepts and keep advised the thieves of what Tesla was researching. For years this technician continued to steal from Tesla and was identified by Skorzeny asGeorge Scherff Snr, none other than Prescott Bush – the father of the 41st President of the US and grandfather of George Walker Bush, the 43rd President of the USA. The gang that exploited and abused Tesla seems to have controlled the entire structure of the USA politico economic society, including the placements of its presidents!?

Tesla’s understanding of the inescapable trap he was in and his decision to continue working and remain preoccupied with his research, probably saved him from going mad.

Unbelievable but the secret vigilante setups that organize and manipulate social, commercial and political establishments will not tolerate any loss of control over affairs in society and they manipulate everything that threatens their interests to when required murder those threatening their power base. Nothing threatens their control like the creative. Creative individuals are not driven by money but take great joy from the contribution they make to humanity and their inventions at times completely destroy the power base of the money men. As an example, if an inventor discovers a way of providing humanity with free energy then the entire commercial and political establishment based on fossil fueled disappears and the entire power base concentrated on the energy market falls apart. Such a restructuring is in the interest of humanity and not only because oil is far too precious a raw resource to be wasted on energy provision to mechanical machinery. Numerous examples of power shifting due to changing commercial developments exist and a few of the well documented cases of exceptional creative developments that could have enriched people’s lives, will be recalled.

There are many cases of new creations changing the way the entire humanity lives and Tesla identified a limitless source of energy called the Zero Point Energy. This is the energy permeating the entire universe and everything in it and by tapping into this universal energy, unimaginable power become available to man and it is all free and ultimately, will be the source of all energy provision on earth and elsewhere in the universe. A huge change will take place in human affairs once this technology is allowed to take its place in society. The factions torturing Tesla smothered further research into this energy source but other researchers tried to optimize its use and T Henry Morey succeeded in demonstrating its application. He was set upon by similar politico economic cabalswho ordered him to stop work on this know-how. When he refused they sent assassins to shoot his family dead and when they failed they blew up his laboratory. Because of fears for the safety of his fired upon family he stopped all further work on Zero Point Energy and disappeared into obscurity, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHaFofUbsw0

T Henry Morey Radiant Energy system

T Henry Morey Radiant Energy system. By synergically stimulating the Tesla Zero Point Energy (ZPE) the energy permeating the Universe, he was able with this system to produce 50 kW of energy indefinitely

Medical breakthrough which worked out how to treat cancer have for decades been available and viciously attacked by pharmaceutical companies whose profits were threatened by the new treatment. The general implementation of the treatment have been thwarted and the doctor who developed and patented the treatment has repeatedly been taken to court and abused. Dr Burzynski identified a way of treating cancer very effectively using his patented “Antineoplastone Therapy” and because he was getting such a high success rates in curing cancers of all sorts the pharmaceutical protectionist racket hauled Dr Burzynski to court in an effort to ban his treatment. They tried to shut his surgery down and ill-treated this able scientist in any number of way but the high success rate of treatment meant that 93% of all patients referred to him were cured of cancer, even cases regarded as hopeless by the specialist cancer treatment centres in hospitals.

Extreme pressures are applied on individuals who develop technology that changes the way humanity lives and have enormous commercial implications. The power and money making that is associated with commerce is fiercely guarded by ruthless enforcers who will without compunction prevent the use of life saving medical breakthrough in order to maintain the power base and money making of their controllers. 

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski, MD,PhD Burzynski Research Institute Inc, Texas USA. Antineoplastonescience has cured almost every type of cancer

Astonishingly, the USA Government which grants vast amounts of money to pharmaceutical companies the FDA and other institutions working on cancers cures, specifically excludes financial support for the FDA approved trials of the Burzynski method. When it was analysed as to where all the donations society makes for cancer research goes to it emerges that the received money is funneled to a few well connected establishments. Billions upon billions are tied up in existing money making treatments so that the entire establishment seems to be directed at the money gathering process rather than refining a treatment that will cure this dreadful disease.  Statistics show that 1 in every 3 individuals  in the industrialized world will develop cancer at some stage in their lives.  

Dr Burzynski has had his Antineoplastone technique experimentally proven by Japanese medical experts who treated many patients suffering this often fatal disease and confirm that it works very well and cures cancers of all sorts at a rate the conventional specialisedmedical treatments can only dream about. But Burzynski remains on the very brink of bankruptcy, hounded, tormented, abused, exhausted, isolated, ridiculed and threatened, constantly on the brink of collapse, his work smothered by powerful money making interests. Dangerous, destructive, abuse of individuals who make outstanding contributions to humanity, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqJ_709pL5Y and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iglEF_y0cNg Part

Cases are many and varied but to quote yet another outstanding discovery of how to achieve “Cold Fusion” Dr Martin Fleischmann and Professor Stanley Pons discovered how to achieve cold fusion in a test tube using electrochemistry. Martin Fleischmann was an outstanding specialist in electrochemistry and he and colleague Professor Stanly Pons worked out how to get nuclear fusion at room temperature using only low levels of energy in test tubes filled with deuterium. Excess energy was registered from their electrochemistry experiments and when they reported the finding there was an uproar of derision from commercial interests. Commerce claimed that the only way to achieve fusion was at very high temperatures in plasma states that required extreme amounts of energy to contain the plasma in the suspended torroidal state.

The Torus Machine at Culhum UK is about the size of a small house but in order to get fusion between tritium and deuterium the system requires huge amounts of energy and releases neutrons, a highly damaging nuclear component that is released by radioactive neutron bombs. The fusion facility requires so much power that extra electric power has to be generated during the experiment. These external generators are rotated at very high speed to provide additional electricity to that available from the electricity grid and as the experiment starts all the external generators offload electrical power to fuel the fusion experiments. No reactor to date achieves a maintained output of energy ie the fusion reactors cannot as yet produce more energy then they consume. When Dr Fleischmann reported his research findings there was pandemonium.

Dr Martin Fleischmann and Professor Stanley Pons

Dr Martin Fleischmann and Professor Stanley Pons developed a system that achieved Cold Fusion at room temperature in a test tube using electrochemistry on their laboratory bench

Much effort was directed at ridiculing this discovery and unbelievably when the then premier Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the USA MIT) repeated the experiment and confirmed excess energy from the Fleishchmann Pons experiment, George Herbert Walker Bush was dispatched to smother the findings and pervert scientific data as a means of negating the researchers findings. MIT is a USA government paid for facility and presumable the MIT was blackmailed into corrupting scientific data so as to prevent cold fusion research being accepted into general use. This amazing episode will stand in history as a hideous crime against humanity no less scandalous then the Tesla case. Dr Martin Fleischmann became a  desperate man, exhausted, frustrated almost driven to insanity, screaming obscenity at the racketeers who were directed to smother his work. None of the democratic agencies established to oversee Law and order in society were able to secure this work on behalf of the people nor prevent the abuse of these researchers ie the cabals that control the commercial power base seem to be beyond the power of the democratically elected governments.

Dr Fleishchmann died being ridiculed, not able to see his life’s work providing energy to the world and enjoying the success that such a discovery should have guaranteed, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXaijlN1AKo Professor Stanley Pons presumably threatened at the same time as Fleischmann, was subjected to endless attacks and accusations of fraud, abandoned his USA citizenship and disappeared into academic obscurity and did not complete his research into cold fusion. Several decades after the initial disclosure by these outstanding researchers, thousands of scientific papers confirmed their excess energy discovery. The consensus amongst scientists is that indeed Fleishchmann and Pons had discovered a new fusion mechanism which points to an entirely new class of low energy fusion reactions. A huge, outstandingly important scientific discovery that is also useful to energy production.

My own case, minor in comparison in commercial terms provided new technology for the containment of damaged oil well installations, to completely transform the way pressurised burning oil wells in particular, are contained. It earned huge amounts of money and continues to be used on damage sites around the world but I have not been able to obtain a penny, of the outstanding 100 million UK pounds my patents earned in Kuwait, nor for its continued use. The entire Kuwait economy would have been destroyed and Kuwait would have reverted to being a poor desert state it once was, without the use of my patents.

My case too has its sad lament for since the thefts every avenue of successful money making has been disrupted in one way or another. All effort to make money has been smothered leaving me and my family in a state of making do rather than enjoying the use of the vast amounts of money my patents generated.  Promising research projects are abandoned, patents are discarded for lack of resources, successful companies drained of resources and forced into bankruptcy and a large portfolio of patent applied for technology abused by thieves who became very rich on my intellectual property. The technology remains useful and vast sums of money continue to be generated by my inventions but none of it has benefited me or my family. 

                                                   BabicBranko06    BabicBranko07 

Babić Technology received by Kuwaiti Oil in 1991 and used to contain over half of all damaged installations in the Kuwaiti oil fields


Well over £100 million UK pounds was earned in royalties but the inventor did not receive a penny for the use of this patented technology

My more useful contribution to my fellow man will prove to be my research into conductive heat exchanges, direct impact catalytic converters, heated homogenisers producing gaseous fuel stochiometric mixtures and other patents which will generate billions upon billions in commercial throughput and have extensive applications world wide. None of these commercially valuable patents can be protected against theft by the well connected. Scandalous abuse of creative individuals, exasperating enough to drive inventors mad because most inventors give their all in the refinement of new concepts and only develop a very small number of commercially valuable patents in their lives. Theft and abuse of their patents is extremely painful. But theft of intellectual property is common practice in the lives of the creative. The corrupt, criminal vigilante cartels that control money making are all powerful and have subsumed democratic governments into compliant servitude. These nefarious people will do inventors and their families grievous harm if they refuse to do as they are told, see: http://homepage.virgin.net/babic.branko/kofc.html These corrupt, dangerous cabals destroy the creative.

Cases abound but the Stanley Meyer discovery of how to tap into the Zero Point Energy Tesla described in the 1890s is worthy of note. Meyer discovered how to rip water molecules apart so as to release the hydrogen contained in water. Water is a molecule made up of two volumes of hydrogen and one volume of oxygen and by generating the quantities of hydrogen required for any given energy demand Meyer had discovered an excellent way of providing limitless quantities of energy to humanity. This method of energy provision could be used in any energy demanding situation and his discovery would have been more important than the Tesla’s Tower. The beauty of this work is that water is ripped apart physically rather then electrolytically.  Electrolyses is an energy costly process and the energy derived via electrolyses is expensive and that is why it is not commercially available.

As the liberated hydrogen is consumed in the combustion chamber it releases energy and recombines with oxygen to form pure water again. This technology is  completely controllable energy production without pollutants of any kind, see:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIxavQQxmRY 

Stanley Meyers

Stanley Meyers water fracturing method produces several hundred percent more energy then it consumes and is said to be tapping synergically into the Tesla Zero Point Energy

All this is clean limitless energy production wonderfully suited to an overpopulated world but the powers that control the money making have abused Stanly Meyer, impoverished him, ridiculed him, hounded and threatened him with murder. Stanley Meyer refused to stop working on his invention and was refining his technology for use as a clean energy source for vehicles, when the vigilante cartels murdered him, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Sx3P-mFiE4

Other cases of for example the vaporization of fuel was refined byCharles Nelson Pogue who had a working motor demonstrating extensive improvements in fuel consumption with substantial reduction in exhaust pollutants, was in secret bought out and his development smothered. Pogue developed his carburettors in the 1930s and took out three patents between 1930 and 1936 but was persuaded to withdraw from further research and disappeared into obscurity! 

Chirles N Progue

Chirles N Progue developed a fuel vapour system in the 1930s that dramatically improved mileage for fuel used. His development was bought out and smothered never to be put into production 

All C. N. Prague granted patents can still be accessed so industry knows about the improved performance of fuel delivery systems but refuses to use them in production cars.  See,Rex Researchas part of an article titled"Oil Industry Suppressed Plans for 200-mpg Car". See: http://www.blog.hasslberger.com/2007/04/pogue_carburetor_gasoline_vapo.html

Yet another of the many depressing cases of smothered new technology that would revolutionise the quality of life for the ordinary person is that of a teenager who independently discovered how to vaporise fuel before it was delivered to the combustion chamber. Tom Ogle was a youth when he developed a system for vaporising fuel that was then homogenised with air, before being delivered to the combustion chamber. The fact that the fuel vapour/air was mixed in the exact reactant ratio for complete chemical reactivity, rather than liquid fuel/air mixtures which never completely react in the combustion chamber, increased fuel combustion efficiency very significantly and cars delivered 200mpg with virtually no polluting carbon or hydrocarbon radicals emission. Tom Ogle was said to have been promptly bought out. He refused to stop working on his research but once the moguls discovered how to reproduce his results they excluded Tom from further research and he was shot at in a murder attempt but only just survived. He was found dead at the age of 26, in mysterious circumstances.

Tom Ogle

Tom Ogle discovered an alternative way of vaporizing fuel before it was injected into the combustion chamber and his system dramatically increased mileage to 200mpg. Ogle refused to stop improving the design and was shot at but survived. At the age of 26 he was found dead, in mysterious circumstances.

And so it continues, in this case inventors develop new technology that would benefit humanity by reducing the cost of transport and pollution of our environment but the vigilante cartels that control money making and the democratically elected establishment will not permit developments that interfere with their control of money making and the management of the power base. Industry is aware of these developments but corrupt nefarious interests, control the political administration of societies and prevent the introduction of new technologies that would release mankind from the control of the super rich who maintain a state of deprivation and poverty for too many human beings.

Every society depends on the creative to generate wealth by providing new technology, processes and ways of generating resource that improve peoples lives and all inventors acknowledge that there is the democratically elected administration which generously supports and encourages their work. But then there are the non elected, shadowy secretive vigilante setups which appear to control every important department of the elected establishment and seem to be substantially in control of democratic assemblies. These secretive power cabals control the establishment policy to an extent where the  government committees exercising the democratic power base, act to smother academic research and other developments that are against the interests of the vigilante setups. It is not the democratically elected establishment that is responsible for the abuse of the creative but rather the unelected self appointed cabalsthatmake money at others expense that abuse and destroy the creative.

It is difficult to describe what it feels like to watch ones work being stolen and abused by others. Whilst the thieves become very rich and buy estates,  large mansions and expensive limousines the inventors are left penniless and not only stolen from but all effort to work their way out of the impoverishment is thwarted via official channels. There is no one to take the grievance to. The entire democratic setup seems to be complicit in the theft that takes place and not only because formal democratic agencies are enacted to facilitate abusive practices. The government is effete and not willing to represent the interest of the creative individual, the information media refuse to take up the case, the police decline to get involved saying that such matters are not a criminal offence, the contingency fee lawyers say the cases are too big and so individual inventors are left to take to international courts of Law governments, the mega rich, the well connected cabals presiding over society and the money making greed driven entrenched interests. The whole saga is joke on the creative! An ugly state of affairs that destroys the creative and sends some inventors mad!

The inventors are made to watch as the thieves make merry on the proceeds generated by their patents. For most part the nefarious vigilante collaborations seem to be in control of social procedures that should prevent such abuse but the democratically elected administration is dysfunctional and the inventors remain at the mercy of criminal interests. Most abused inventors are shoved into a destitute limbo and no ”бачва од препеченице” is large enough to dull the pain of being ripped off by the greed driven. The abused never escape from the criminal power base and end up living wasted ruined lives, if they are lucky and are not maimed, mutilated or murdered. Once set upon, few recover their former drives and none achieve their full potential.

The list of cases extends, a story of despotic abusive self appointed setups of one kind or another that control the application of the knowledge base, using and abusing those who generate change for the benefit of humanity.  They enforce an environment where money making and wealth acquisition is more important than people’s lives and well being. These secretive, decaying vigilante critters seem alien to the human spirit for they impose conditions where people suffer pain, mutilation, poverty, deprivation, misery, war and all manner of ugliness so that the few can continue to make money that they can never spend but money which allows them to inflict their despotic prowess and perceived import on people. Frightening characters who are not fit to preside over humanity, destroy the creative and even as far back as the 1950s plans were formalised to continue and improve methods of people control, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_38tsQ4p0I   In the section “Diversion the Primary Strategy” paragraph 2 states clearly that creativity is to be discouraged?? 

It is dangerous to be outstandingly creative because a good invention can be extremely profitable and do change the balance of power in the world. The vigilante setups in order to maintain their control over pillage and people, do the creative and theirs dreadful harm.  A vibrant humanity cannot exist without creative evolvements and there is a case for society providing a safe environment for outstandingly creative individuals.

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